Mini Personal GPS Tracker GT350

GT350 is a compact portable tracker, specially designed for a wide range of tracking applications equiring outdoor exposure and low power consumption, including personal tracking, vehicle tracking, employee monitoring and asset tracking.


GPS + AGPS + LBS tracking

The high sensitive GPS chipset and AGPS mode help to acquire location in a faster and more accurate way. In case of GPS signal shielded by buildings, tunnels or garage, LBS (Location based service) would work automatically as a supplement.


90 days standby time

When position updates once per day, device works as long as 90 days.


Built-in Acceleration Sensor

The acceleration sensor can always detects abnormal vehicle movement, preventing your car from being stolen. When someone moves your car without your consent, your phone would be alerted instantly by notification that would also be sent to tracking platform.


Geo-fence Alarm

A geo-fence can be set by SMS command to provide a safety net for your loved ones. When anyone carrying the tracker walks in/out of the fence, SOS numbers will receive alarm.


Voice monitoring

Authorized persons are able to dial to the device to hear the live voice around the holder.


SOS alarm

The panic button allows the holder to trigger a SOS call/text when running into emergency or dangerous persons.


                             Hardware Specification
Communication System GSM
Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS Class 12, TCP/IP
Output power GSM 850/900MHz (33dBm 3dBm)
GSM 1800/1900MHz (30dBm 3dBm)
Receive Sensitivity Class II RBER 2%(-102dBm)
GPS Chip MTK high sensitivity GPS chip
Frequency L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
Channels 66
Location Accuracy <10 meters
Tracking Sensitivity  – 165dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity  – 148dBm
Location time Hot start:=2sec(open sky)
Cold start:=35sec(open sky)
                         Main Specifications
Monitoring Scope = 5M
Antenna Built-in GPSceramic antenna; GSMquad-ban antenna
LED Indicator Power(red)
Charger 5VDC/1A
Operating Temperature -20?-60?
Operating Humidity 5%~95%,non-dense
Built-in Battery 800mAh/3.7Vindustrial lithium polymer battery
Standby 90 days
Dimension 67(L) 43.0 (W) 15.0 (H) mm
Weight 25g